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Here's a few things you should know about me, besides the fact that I absolutely adore this job of mine, I'm a...

cat mom

I'm a crazy cat mom and I am not afraid to admit it. His name is Klay, and he's my baby. My family refers to him as the traveling kitty because I like to bring him along on my adventures. He has been on countless road trips back and forth from Maryland to Maine, through the Smoky Mountains to Nashville, Kentucky, Virginia, and all over the state of Arizona, he even stood on the Four Corners Monument with me!

travel junkie

It would be an absolute dream of mine to visit every state in the country. I love to travel and experience new things! Any chance I get to do either of those, I take it! So it doesn't matter if you are located near or far, let's connect and see if we can create something beautiful! Because what could be better than combining the two things I'm most passionate about? 

wannabe foodie

I often refer to myself as a "wannabe foodie" - meaning I want to be one of those awesome people who just tries all kinds of different and amazing foods... but I'm a bit of a picky eater. So in the meantime, while I slowly work on that, I'll fall back on pizza and keep snacking on my chips and queso.

enneagram two

A 98% match for an enneagram type two and my love language is words of affirmation.

What the heck does all that mean?

It means that I am ALL about positive words of confirmation, support, and uplift. I have a knack for offering that unconditionally to others. So as your photographer, that means I'm going to be your biggest hype-girl and make you feel comfortable and confident in front of my camera!

sound like we'll be a good fit for each other?

get in touch and we'll make some magic happen!

xoxo emily

bright - natural - real

I'm a believer in creating bright, natural photos that bring you right back into that moment ten years from now. I want you to look back at your photos and remember exactly how you felt during that moment. Whether it be the day you marry your best friend, or just an ordinary afternoon with your kiddos. I'm here to freeze time and capture those real, raw moments that will be cherished forever. Being able to look back on photos and feel the love, emotion, and excitement again is one of my absolute favorite things about a photograph.

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