Surprise Proposal | Acadia National Park | Bar Harbor, Maine

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Many people come to Maine on vacation and want photos taken while they are here (genius idea!!). However, not all of them include a surprise proposal!!

Alyssa reached out to me and scheduled a session for her and her boyfriend to have their photos taken together in Acadia National Park during their vacation. We first stopped at Sand Beach and did some photos in their casual outfits. After our time there, they changed into their more formal outfits for the second half of the session (def recommend this). As soon as we got to our second location, I began instructing them where to stand and just as I was about to start posing them, Adam said he had an idea... For a split second, I was a bit confused, but once we had Alyssa facing away from him, it instantly clicked what was happening and he flashed the ring box at me. In my head I was like "omg omg omg this is happening!!". I took a few steps backwards to give them even more space and when Alyssa turned around to see him on one knee, her reaction was priceless!

I've done a handful of surprise proposals, but this is the first time it was a surprise to me too! These photos turned out wonderfully! I am so honored that couples trust me to capture these special moments and celebrate with them. It is so awesome that I get to meet people from all over and capture these new chapters in life for them!!

Their Testimonial: "Emily is such a talented photographer! Her photos are incredibly beautiful and you can just feel a heartfelt connection to her work! She was very sweet and captured every magical moment during our trip to Acadia National Park, including a surprise proposal that took my breath away! It was cold and windy, but I can’t get over how perfect the photos turned out! Thank you so much for everything Emily!"