Surprise Proposal - Sand Beach - Corea, Maine

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Spike had the perfect proposal planned and he asked me to help him make it come to life! I reached out to Morgan and asked her if the two of them would model for me. I told her that I was in need to some new photos to update my website with and I wanted to do that on 8/14 (Spike had this date set). When I reached out to her, she loved the idea, but told me she was going away camping that weekend. And I was then like uhhhhh, Spike, she already has plans for the day you planned everything. He said, "don't worry, I'll get her there, that's all I needed you to do". So with some inconspicuous convincing from her friends and boyfriend, she changed her plan and agreed to do a session together on the date that I (Spike) requested.

Spike and I spoke on the phone a couple times prior to evening of the shoot to make we had the perfect fool-proof plan to pull this off, how it was going to go down, etc. So when they showed up to the session at the beach, I started off doing some of my traditional go-to poses for couples. Then Spike said he had an idea.. Morgan looked kind of confused, "like oh boy, what could he possibly have in mind?"...

He faced her towards the water, tightly wrapped his arm around her from behind and began softly talking in her ear. I couldn't hear much as I was trying to keep my distance, but also had adrenaline and emotion running through me. He then said, "do you realize you've been set up?". He slowly released her and dropped down to one knee, she turned around and was in total shock and was completely speechless. Eventually she was able to say "YES" and was filled with so much excitement.

We finished up the session with a quick outfit change and some beautiful color in the sky, then they were off to their dinner reservation where another surprise awaited her - all of her family and closest friends there to celebrate with them!

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